The scope of this centre lies initially in the following activities, which are planned for capacity building and promoting Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) in the area of Electronics and Allied Technologies:

1. DSIR-Common Research and Technology Development Hub
CSIR-CEERI's DSIR-CRTDH Facility is Dedicated for Small, Medium Enterprises and startup companies. It has

  • A facility for measurements, standardisation and certification of electronic products in different application fields like food, water, health, infrastructure, and renewable energy.
  • A facility where scientists can work together with the engineers from industry for maturing the technology developed at a lab to an industrial level leading to productization of technologies transferred to the industry.
  • A mechanism for exploiting knowledge base of CEERI for making industrial products and process qualitatively improved and competitive in the domestic and international market.

Affordable electronic intelligent appliances touching every aspect of human life are the products of future. Strategic predictions indicate that industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 (new industrial revolution) will happen through smart devices and their intelligent integration. Hence CSIR-CEERI through this innovation hub can lead in new generation electronic industries which can play a significant role in digital transformation across the world.

The hub initially focuses on
  • Real-time Embedded Systems
  • Power Electronics and Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Plasma Applications

2. CSIR-CEERI's Incubation Unit Facility
CSIR-CEERI's Incubation Unit facility under the aegis of National Research Development Corporation(NRDC),New Delhi is being setup to support the initiation of high-tech industry by supporting novice entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of technological entrepreneurship. In addition to it, new science-based industries will be encouraged and it will be opened for all science & technology based entrepreneurs. A supportive and protective environment will be provided to individual investors and entrepreneurs for the development of technological innovations into business ventures.

3. Skill Development
This Hub has a centre of eminance for skill development especially for skilling and re-skilling of industry professionals and finishing schools for students

Skill development programmes are scalable/graded as per needs of, i.e.
  • ITI levels
  • Diploma levels
  • For degree holders
  • For career enhancement
  • Tailored for Industry needs
Skill Development programmes are planned on a rotational basis, country wide:
  1. CSIR-CEERI, Pilani.
  2. CSIR-CEERI Chennai Centre.
  3. CSIR-CEERI's Industry Interface cum Skill Development Centre, New Delhi.
  4. CSIR-CEERI's Incubation-cum-Innovation Hub, Jaipur.
At Present skill development Programmes running at CSIR-CEERI are as follows:
  1. Internet of Things
    • 06 Weeks
    • At Chennai, Delhi and Pilani
  2. MEMS Processing
    • 06 Weeks
    • At Delhi/Jaipur Centres & Pilani (lectures in Delhi/ Jaipur and hands-on at Pilani)
  3. VLSI Design and EDA Tools
    • 08 Weeks
    • CSIR-CEERI, Pilani and Delhi Centre
  4. Vacuum Microwave and Plasma Tubes Engineering
    • 200 Hrs
    • At Pilani/Jaipur Centre
    • Course to cover an overview of Vacuum tubes technology, Brazing, Welding, Glass blowing techniques, Vacuum processing, etc.
Accreditation of Skill development Programs:
  • Sectoral Council
  • MoU with
    • National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), New Delhi
    • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Tamilnadu
    • Rajasthan ILD Skill University (RISU), Jaipur