CSIR-CEERI's Incubation Unit under the Aegis of NRDC,
New Delhi


  • To provide a positive impetus to innovate and entrepreneurial initiatives of CSIR-CEERI scientists.
  • To help solve some of the problems associated with running early stage companies and nurture such companies by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development using this unique and highly flexible infrastructure and people centric facility. This unit will be opened for all science and technology based entrepreneurs and will also consider technologies and IP other than that of CSIR.
  • To create Technology Business Incubation facility for START-UP's led by CSIR scientists and/or based upon CSIR technologies as well as other technologies. This will also have a co-working platform, providing opportunities for Angel Investors and Technology seekers to set-up office for interacting with start-up's and CSIR scientists.
  • To support rural and social inclusive start-ups, primarily those that enable scalable products and services for the under-served and bottom-of-the-pyramid segment.
  • Co-existing facility of DSIR-Common Research and Technology Development Hub (DSIR-CRTDH) in the area of electronics will be utilized to encourage research and technology development relevant for MSME's/ Start-up's.
  • To create, disseminate, apply and conserve knowledge primarily in the area of electronics and allied technologies for novel product development.


  • This Incubation Unit has all amenities related to electronics and allied engineering specially in Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Micro and Nano Electronics, Smart Sensors Technology; Electricity, New and Renewable Energy; and Environmental sustainability for undertaking product development catering to the specific needs of rural and under developed surroundings as use cases.
  • This Incubation Unit is the prime mover for dry/arid land cultivation using ICT through precision agriculture techniques involving farmers leading to support social entrepreneurship.
  • It provides opportunity to the entrepreneurs/startups/grassroot innovators with traditional knowledge to use technology based business models to link users and peers through village based kiosks with multimedia/multilingual database, communicating in local language to uplift quality of life of local populace at various parts of the country.


    We are conducting entrepreneurship sensitization workshops regularly in institutes/ universities the state of Rajasthan. The objective of the workshops is to educate faculty, post graduates, graduates and students for funding opportunities, startup ecosystem, incubation and handholding services at our Incubation Unit. Stakeholders from specific domain are invited as speakers and panel members for these workshops. Based on the outcome, the selected technologies are being nurtured for preâ┬Ç┬Éincubation program from which some of the technology leads are taken for incubation purpose through proper expression of interest and thorough review process. Hackathons/Ideathons are also organized to create functional prototype or ideas that may be taken forward after careful assessment.
    The Incubation Unit services and programs are designed to increase client's likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what to Client Company/ startup could achieve on its own. Offering value-added services in the area of Electronics and allied engineering, information and communication technology, micro and Nano electronics, water, food and sanitation for rural areas of Rajasthan is the key to successfully spinout graduates. The incubator action plan to meet business support are categorized as follows:
    1. Direct Business Development Assistance
    2. Professional network and relationship support
    3. Educational and training programs
    4. Facility based services
    5. Funding support
    The Incubation Unit manager has developed a pool of volunteers willing to serve as mentors and counsellors for the client companies in the focused areas/sectors. Mentors are selected based on their experience with the client's industry sector and stage of development. The manger meets with mentors as a routine basis to stay abreast of the company's development and suggest resources that help the mentor to serve the client business. Feedback mechanism is developed to ensure mentorship is providing good value to the client. The training programmes and seminars of interest to technology startups/MSMEs and incubator clients on emerging technologies in the focused sector, business related topics that are applicable to any startup operation including financial, legal, organizational, marketing, etc. are organized on regular basis for tapping new incubator clients/ startups. We are also inviting successful entrepreneurs and other related experts on a regular basis for interacting with the new incubate entrepreneurs.
    The activities undertaken are regularly updated this website with details of events, news and activities. We are also using social/print/electronic media platforms to reach out to prospective incubates and stakeholders.


Basic Infrastructure services:
  1. Access to CSIR/CSIR-CEERI/NRDC technology Data Bank/ technologies available for startups for commercialization
  2. Furnished incubation space (with working table and 3 chairs) @ Rs. 35 sq. ft. (Any other service charges decided by the advisory committee/Incubation center management time to time shall be applicable)
  3. Meeting Room
  4. Linkage with academic/ research institutes, common facility testing centres
  5. Handholding, Mentoring & Networking
  6. Access to testing/QC facilities available with network partners
  7. Connecting with Startup India and other Government programs
  8. Facilitating linkages with funding/VC firms
  9. Common Utilities
    • Electricity for office use
    • Airconditioned hall space (for each cabinet)
    • Water
    • Security
    • Office cleaning
    • High Speed Internet Facility/ Wi-Fi Network access
      (Service charges shall be applicable for common utilities)
  10. Access to different government schemes including NRDC schemes, like Prototype Development Assistance* (subject to meeting eligibility criteria) Patent Filing Assistance* (subject to meeting eligibility criteria)
  11. Access to patent and technology information databases
  12. Dedicated Mentor for the incubation centre
  13. Basic Testing Facility for Electronics System consisting of
    1. Logic Analyser,
    2. Storage Oscilloscope,
    3. Spectrum Analyser,
    4. LCR meter
    5. Power Analyzer
    6. Digital Power Supply
    7. Digital Multi-meter
    8. Signal Generator
  14. Basic Electronic System Implementation tools, including
    1. PCB design Software
    2. Soldering and Desoldering Station.
  15. Access to Design Software: Solid Works and PSIM
  16. Basic workshop facility
  17. Special 25 % discount will be offered to the incubates for the workshops and trainings organized by CSIR/CEERI/NRDC
Professional Services (on chargeable basis)*
  • Technical Support like idea validation, technology assessment,
  • Knowledge base and consultancy
  • Instruments on a cost basis available in the coexisting DSIR-CRTDH as well as other CEERI Centres/other CSIR labs
  • Business Facilitation
  • Market Survey Reports
  • Patent Prior Art Search Reports/ FTO Analysis/ Patent Landscaping
  • Techno-legal assistance for incorporation of a company/ startup/ LLP/ OPC
  • Seminar Hall
  • Video conferencing facility *
  • T&C applicable/ on chargeable basis
    1. In case of Virtual Incubation all the services are offered except free physical space and facilities at the Incubation Unit.
    2. The terms of startups for working in the CSIR-CEERI's Incubation Unit under the aegis of NRDC are available at link (click).