Research & Development
Projects Undertaken

CSIR-CEERI's Incubation-cum-Innovation Hub,
Jaipur Centre

  1. Title of the Project : DSIR-Common Research and Technology Development Hub (CRTDH) at Jaipur in the area of Electronics/ Renewable Energy

    Funding Agency : DSIR, New Delhi/CSIR-CEERI, Pilani

    Sanctioned Amount : Rs. 970 Lakhs

    PIs : Dr. Ram Prakash & Dr. S. A. Akbar

  2. Title : Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) at CSIR- CEERI's Incubation-cum-Innovation, Jaipur Centre

    Funding Agency : DST, Rajasthan/CSIR-CEERI, Pilani

    Sanctioned Amount : Rs.60.00 lakhs

    PIs : Dr. Ram Prakash & Dr. S. A. Akbar

  3. Title : Design and Development of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Based Micro-hollow Cathode Plasma Device Arrays & their Characterization

    Funding Agency : DST, Govt. of India

    Sanctioned Amount : Rs. 30.60 Lakhs

    PIs : Dr. Ram Prakash/Dr. Ajay Agrawal/Mr. R. P. Lamba

  4. Title : "Solar PV based Smart Multi-Vehicle EV Charging Station"

    Funding Agency : CSIR, New Delhi

    Sanctioned Amount : Rs. 111.344 Lakhs

    PIs : Mr. Sachin Devassy/Mr. Ajeet Kumar Dhakar/Dr. Bala Pasela

  5. Title : Deployment of CSIR-CEERI's Smart Technologies in Aspirational District 'Sirohi'

    Funding Agency : CSIR-CEERI, Pilani

    Sanctioned Amount : In-house Project

    PIs : Dr. Ram Prakash/Dr. Bala Pesala/Mr. Mahendra Singh Soni/Mr. M. Santosh/Dr. Sanjoy Singh

  6. Title : Development of Automatic Control System for Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Machine(Faceting Machine)

    Funding Agency : M/s. Rajasthan Tools and Spares (P) LTD a Private Limited

    Sanctioned Amount : Rs. 8 Lakhs

    PIs : Mr. H. D. Sharma/Dr. J. L. Raheja/Mr. Satyam Srivastava